2016 Presentations

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MedDRA and Reporting of Adverse Events
Anna Zhao-Wong, MD, PhD
SCEPTER II Meeting - Clinical Trials to Evaluate Safety Outcomes in Procedural Sedation
Washington DC, USA - 18 November 2016

Supporting Public Health Globally via the Use of Terminology Standards
Brian O'Hare

American Public Health Association Annual Meeting
Denver, Colorado, USA - 1 November 2016
MedDRA Coding and Versioning
Anna Zhao-Wong, MD, PhD
4th Annual Innovations in Clinical Data Management
Alexandria, Virginia, USA - 28 October 2016
Preview of New MedDRA Hierarchy for Medication Errors - Coding and Retrieval Considerations
Judy Harrison, MD
Joint DIA/EMA Information Day on Medication Errors, London, UK - 20 October 2016
Update on New MedDRA SOC Product issues
Judy Harrison, MD
Joint EMA/DIA Individual Case Safety Report Information Day, London, UK - 26 April 2016 update_on_new_meddra_soc_harrison.pdf

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