Here are some published case studies of MedDRA use by academic organisations.

MedDRA and Cardiovascular Event Risk – Discontinuation of a Trial

This study examined the effects of testosterone gel (vs. placebo) on elderly males with low testosterone levels and limited mobility. MedDRA was the terminology used to categorise adverse events during this trial. Review of the safety data showed an increased risk of cardiovascular events in the testosterone-treated group; a data safety monitoring board recommended that the trial be discontinued early because of this discrepancy in cardiovascular event risk between the testosterone-treated and placebo groups. 

Basaria S, Coviello AD, Travison TG, Storer TW, Farwell WR, Jette AM Adverse events associated with testosterone administration. N Engl J Med 2010 Jul 8;363(2):109-22.

MedDRA to Identify Mitochondrial Dysfunction in HIV-Infected Children

In this study, the researchers used a selection of MedDRA terms to mine an observational database of MedDRA-coded information and to identify HIV infected study participants with potential mitochondrial dysfunction. They did this by careful review of the published clinical criteria for mitochondrial dysfunction and building of a query of MedDRA terms based on these. They determined that use of the MedDRA term query as a first step was more efficient for data analysis compared to their previous case-by-case review.

Chernoff M, Ford-Chatterton H, Crain M. The Use of the medical dictionary for regulatory activities in the identification of mitochondrial dysfunction in HIV-infected children. CSBIGS 2012;5(1):17-31.