2013 Presentations



Role of MedDRA® in Healthcare
Brian O'Hare
American Public Health Association (APHA)
Boston, MA, USA - 4 November 2013
Highlights of MedDRA and the Developmental Activities
Patrick Revelle
DIA MedDRA Information Day
London, UK - 22 October 2013
Overview of the MedDRA Term Selection: Points to Consider Document and Key Coding Principles
Judy Harrison, MD
DIA MedDRA Information Day
London, UK - 22 October 2013
Overview of the MedDRA Data Retrieval and Presentation: Points to Consider Document including Standardised MedDRA Queries (SMQs)
Judy Harrison, MD
DIA MedDRA Information Day
London, UK - 22 October 2013
Coding with Confidence
Judy Harrison, MD
DIA 2013 49th Annual Meeting
Boston, MA, USA - 27 June 2013
MedDRA Term Selection: Latest activities of the Points to Consider Working Group
Patrick Revelle
14th EudraVigilance Information Day
London, UK - 23 May 2013
Applying MedDRA® in Clinical Safety and Pharmacovigilance
Anna Zhao-Wong, MD, PhD
5th DIA China Annual Meeting
Beijing, China - 12-15 May  2013
MedDRA et son Rôle dans les Activités de Pharmacovigilance
Philippe Thouvay, MD
French National Commission on Terminology for Health and Social Affairs
Paris, France - 14 March 2013
Coding with Confidence
Tomás Moraleda, MD
25th Annual EuroMeeting
Amsterdam, Netherlands - 4-6 March 2013
Use of MedDRA: Focus on the New Scope of Adverse Event Reporting
Patrick Revelle
EMA Information Day: The New Individual Case Safety Report (ICSR) International Standard and ICH E2B/M2 Information Day
London, UK - 5 February 2013


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