1 September 2019

Special edition of Messenger featuring articles from the MedDRA Management Committee celebrating MedDRA's 20th Anniversary.

1 March 2019

MedDRA users will find topics of interest ranging from a reduction in subscription rates, to information about the Russian language MedDRA Translation, new support staff in Asia and South America, and condensed versions of the MedDRA Term Selection and Data Retrieval and Presentation Points to Consider documents, plus much more.

1 September 2018

Featuring the first edition of the MedDRA Points to Consider (PtC) Companion document, elimination of the Japanese translation fee effective 1 January 2019, the updated MedDRA Web-Based Browser, and much more

1 March 2018

There are many topics for MedDRA Users including an update on 2018 Subscription rate reductions, status of new MedDRA Translations in Korean and Russian, MedDRA training in Latin America, Patient-Friendly Term Lists, and more