MedDRA Training Schedule Autumn 2018

30 July 2018

The Autumn MedDRA training schedule is available for registration on the MedDRA Course Schedule page. To register, click on one or more of the links in the following tables.

All MSSO training courses are free to current MedDRA users.


  What’s New with MedDRA Version 21.1 and the MSSO, 29 August

  What’s New with MedDRA Version 21.1 and the MSSO, 30 August

  Getting Started with MedDRA, 12 September

  MedDRA Overview, 19 September

  MedDRA Coding Basics, 4 October

  Advanced MedDRA Coding, 18 October

  Standardised MedDRA Queries (SMQs) 15 November

  Data Analysis and Query Building with MedDRA, 4 December

Face to face classes:

Coding with MedDRA

MedDRA Safety Data Analysis and SMQs

  Shanghai, China, 5 September (waiting list only)

    Shanghai, China, 6 September (waiting list only)

  Marlborough, MA, US, 11 September

    Marlborough, MA, US, 12 September

  Bonn, Germany, 20 September

    Bonn, Germany, 21 September

  Berlin, Germany, 28 September


  Copenhagen, Denmark, 1 October

    Copenhagen, Denmark, 2 October

  Prague, Czech Republic, 16 October

    Prague, Czech Republic, 17 October

  Redwood City, CA, US, 7 November

    Redwood City, CA, US, 8 November

  London, United Kingdom, 14 November (waiting list only)

    London, United Kingdom, 15 November

  Lyon, France, 20 November

    Lyon, France, 21 November

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