MedDRA Version 23.0 Update to be Produced

10 April 2020

This is an urgent notification about an exceptional and imminent change in MedDRA version 23.0, which had previously been released on 1 March 2020. Please be informed that an updated version of MedDRA version 23.0 will be released on 19 April 2020 to include new COVID-19 terms. All users will be urged to implement this re-released version 23.0 by 4 May 2020, in line with the currently established procedure. Please therefore put on hold any implementation activities which might be impacted by this change.
The ICH MedDRA Management Committee has decided to provide the new COVID-19 terms within the MedDRA dictionary in a very expedited fashion, given the current very exceptional time with the COVID-19 pandemic demanding flexible approaches to ensure that any scientific and medical information from the COVID-19 outbreak can be captured, shared and analysed appropriately.
Further detailed information on the new release, particularly regarding MedDRA translations, will be shared before 19 April.