MedDRA WebCR 3.0 is Out Today

31 October 2019

The MSSO is pleased to announce that an update to the MedDRA Web-based Change Request tool (WebCR) version 3.0 is now available. MedDRA users may now submit translation change requests using only their MedDRA ID and Password without requiring their Change Request ID (CRID).

The change was made to allow more users to submit translation changes. Previously users were required to provide the CRID with proposed translation changes and this limited access since the CRID is more frequently closely held within an organization. Translation change requests do not count against the monthly allotment of 100 change requests per month.

The WebCR is a free tool provided by the MSSO in which MedDRA users may recommend the addition of new terms, changes to existing terms, or improvements in the structure of MedDRA.

To retrieve your MedDRA ID and Password or CRID, please use the Self Service Application. Should you have any other questions, please contact the Help Desk via email at