New MedDRA Self-Service Application (SSA) Update Available Now

20 March 2020

The MedDRA Self-Service Application has been updated to provide users with the ability to retrieve the URLs for all the online webinars for which they are registered to attend. This new function provides another method for users to get the necessary information at their own convenience. The application provides support to frequently asked Help Desk questions. The functions for the tool now include:

  • Retrieve your organization’s MedDRA ID.
  • The Primary Point of Contact and alternates will be able to retrieve their organization’s MedDRA password and unzip passwords for MedDRA release files.
  • Check the MedDRA subscription status of business partners.
  • Retrieve your organization’s Primary Point of Contact and alternates’ email addresses.
  • Print or save to PDF training certificates for classes attended.
  • Retrieve online webinar URLs for all events user is registered. (NEW)

To access the Self-Service Application, simply click this embedded link.