Patient-Friendly Term List is now available

26 January 2018

The MSSO is pleased to announce that a Patient-Friendly Term List for MedDRA Version 20.1 has been developed and is now available under Related Links on the Support Documentation page of the MedDRA website.

The terms were selected from reports from patients and consumers in a variety of pharmacovigilance databases. The list includes approximately 1,400 Lowest Level Terms in English and is intended to aid in direct reporting of adverse events. The MSSO anticipates that the list will be used in data collection websites and mobile applications intended for patients and consumers. Reports collected with these terms can then be immediately used for analysis without having to convert to MedDRA.

The Patient-Friendly Term List is incorporated in the YellowCard online form for the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) in the UK.

Users are invited to contact the MSSO Help Desk with any questions or comments about the Patient-Friendly Term List.