PtC WG and MSSO Communication on Coronavirus

1 April 2020

The ICH M1 Points to Consider Working Group and MedDRA MSSO developed a notification regarding coronavirus terms that exist currently in MedDRA and ones that are being added. The notification is posted here on the MedDRA website. The initial posting of this notification is in English. The MSSO plans to translate the notification into all MedDRA languages shortly. The MSSO will post the translated versions of the notification on the Support Documentation page when they are available.

If you have other coronavirus related terms that you would like to submit for potential inclusion in MedDRA, please use WebCR to submit these requests.

This notification will be updated between now and the release of MedDRA Version 23.1 in September as new terms are added to MedDRA.

Please contact the MSSO Help Desk if you have any questions.