The Patient-Friendly Term List is a subset of MedDRA Lowest Level Terms (LLTs) that has been derived from the most frequently reported adverse events by patients and consumers in a variety of pharmacovigilance databases. It is available in English and currently comprises approximately 1,400 LLTs. The list is maintained by the MSSO with each release of MedDRA.

The intended purpose of the list is to facilitate direct patient reporting of adverse events to regulators and industry via mobile applications and web portals by allowing patients to select terms with which they would likely be familiar. The Patient-Friendly Term List could be incorporated as a drop-down list in report forms and would give patients the option of selecting terms from the list and/or describing the adverse event in their own words in a free text field.

The Patient-Friendly Term List is incorporated in the YellowCard online form for the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) in the UK.

Users are invited to contact the MSSO Help Desk with any questions or comments about the Patient-Friendly Term List.

Term List
Patient-Friendly Term List (MedDRA Version 23.0) (xlsx)